Morgan + Danny

After an amazing engagement session with Morgan and Danny, I knew this wedding was going to be the way to end the 2017 season. Their wedding was just like stepping back in time for me as I was in my hometown church with a crowd of people that I went to school with. After the ceremony, we scooted down to Genoa NV for pictures before ending up at Genoa Lakes Golf Course. The party picked up and the rest is in the images. Surrounded by friends and in old places, I was beyond fulfilled being a part of this event. Danny and Morgan, thanks so much for the trust and making me a part of your special day. Enjoy!

Eve + Max

I spent the day on scene capturing Eve and Max's beautiful wedding in Reno.  It was an extra special wedding for me because Eve and I graduated high school together, so naturally there were old friends to catch up with during the entire day.  The day began with everyone getting ready and heading down to the McKinley Arts and Culture Center for a park like ceremony.  Next we headed to the Nevada Museum of Art for a chic reception and lots of dancing!  I especially enjoy photographing couples at the museum because it always reminds me of my own wedding which was held at the museum.  I truly had a blast at your wedding Eve and Max, thanks for trusting me with your wedding photography.

Baby Shower ... Sure, why not :)

I haven't attended many baby showers, much less photographed them, but I was lucky enough to attend one recently.  I realized that they are truly memorable events, not only for the mother-to-be, but also for all the guests. As I went through the photos I realized that baby showers are just as momentous as weddings and birthdays.  All these events are important milestones that you are able to relive through photographs.  Many years from now this baby will be able to look at these pictures and see how loved she was before she even got here!

Chile & Argentina

Photos by: Chiara Sulprizio and Nick Higman

Well, we did it. My wife and her sisters created a plan for 40th birthday celebrations in Chile and Argentina. After lots of planning we hit the tarmac and set out on a multi-country adventure. Our first stop - well, we missed our plane. Our actual first stop was Houston, Texas. Jenna and I landed in Houston and literally almost got to watch our connecting flight leave the runway and head to Chile. Right when I landed and knew we were staying for at least 24 hours, something popped into my head regarding Houston. The Rothko Chapel is located in Houston! Now, most may not know this about me, I am a huge Mark Rothko fan. This had literally turned into a once in a lifetime opportunity as I had never planned on visiting Houston :)

After 24 hours in Houston, we finally made it to our connecting flight and started towards summer. Back at home, we were about to experience the shortest day of the year but, in Santiago Chile, it was just the opposite! Once we touched down, the layers started coming off.  It was such beautiful weather the whole time and it certainly added to the enjoyment of the experience. The city of Santiago was easily comparable to LA. 

We stayed one night in Santiago and ate at one of the most amazing restaurants 040. It was definitely a culinary experience unlike any I have ever had. Before arriving to Valparaíso Chile, we stopped for lunch and drinks at a wonderful vineyard, Casa Del Bosque. Probably one of the best meals I have ever had. Amazing wines as well and the estate was absolutely beautiful. 

Continuing north, we came to the costal town of Valparaíso, Chile. I would definitely say, other then our culinary experience, this was my favorite city of the trip. Away from the hustle of the metropolitan giant Santiago, this city had a totally different hustle. It was less a melting pot and more an authentic taste of the the culture and grunge Chile had to offer. 

I guess I missed the memo about the dog population of South America .... No one owns them? This is just an example of my worldly knowledge, or lack there of. I had no idea the dogs belonged to the streets and was just perplexed to find out about it. 

After a rather fun night puking from food poisoning, we hit the tarmac again. This time to fly directly over the Andes, into Mendoza, Argentina. If you ever get the chance, this flight is something to experience. If you look on a map, Santiago and Mendoza are just over the Andes from each other. The Andes, the longest mountain range in the world, has peaks in it that tower upwards of 22 thousand feet. Literally with the plane ride being just 34 minutes, you travel upwards to 30 thousand feet just to clear this range and land in Mendoza. 

Yay! No more plane rides for at least 4 days! We stayed at the perfect place called Entre Cielos. I would recommend this place to anyone traveling to Mendoza. We stayed in the most comfortable rooms and with the best service ever. In the end, if you pick the right places to rest your head in a foreign country, they're not expensive, they're priceless. 

At Entre Cielos, one night, we stayed in for an exclusive dinner and empanada class from an onsite chef. So much fun to take a cooking class and bring your knowledge back to friends and family. We met some wonderful people and ate until we couldn't stand it anymore. Below you'll find a picture of salad, just salad. In Argentina, they eat so much meat its amazing. One night, we had ten courses of different meats!

Below is a legitimately hi-jacked selfie. My sister in law Chiara took an image of herself that I was jealous of, I went back and stole it. I love you Chiara, yours is better - it's original. Also pictured is my brothers-in-law and I walking the streets of Mendoza together and a picture of us all crammed into a very small rental which we surprising found mandatory as Uber is illegal in Argentina :) 

As people come and go from Entre Cielos, they leave messages behind, as we did. One last trip over the Andes and we were homebound. I can't say enough about how traveling effects your mind and expands your knowledge of the world through your experiences. I came home and nothing is the same. Do your life a favor and get out there. There is nothing unachievable and no land not worth seeing. Amazing trip, the next one is already slated!

Pictured below is Aconcagua. It's the highest point in the Andes and the highest point in both the southern and western hemispheres. Photo by Chiara Sulprizio.

Tara + Sam - Northstar CA

Yesterday, I was reminded of how rewarding this profession is. I was booked by a cute couple out of Roseville and met them in the mountains for a session in the snow. Since we live in different towns, it was the first face to face meeting with Tara and Sam. We hit the ground running and had an amazing day getting to know each other. I had never been on a shoot quite like this but I must say, no two are ever the same. I walked away with two new friends and an adventure for the memory bank. Thanks so much Tara and Sam for trusting me with your engagement photography, I truly had an amazing day!


Laurel and Kurt - The Hideout - Lake Tahoe CA

I had an amazing time photographing this wedding for Kurt and Laurel. Much came together for me on this day in that we were photographing some of my closest friend's families and I had another opportunity shooting alongside Jentry Dryden. It truly was the perfect combination for an amazing day. Laurel and Kurt tied the knot at The Hideout in the south Lake Tahoe area. The venue is nestled on a little mountain lake in the forest offering a truly unique experience.  Photographing the adventurous couple around the property was so fulfilling as they were willing to do anything to get the shot! From canoe rides to climbing the rocky outcroppings around the venue we were able to push the photography and capture their day on a new level. Thank you Laurel and Kurt for trusting me with your wedding. 

Photography by: Nick Higman & Jentry Dryden.

Mama's Little Owl

This year for Halloween, Jenna decided that she was going to construct a costume for our daughter Reese. About half way through the project she realized it was going to be quite time consuming, maybe a little more then she had bargained for :) Night after night she stayed strong making all the little feathers and gluing everything together. I was very proud of her vision and execution of this costume, so naturally, I had to do a shoot!

We will see what Mama has in store for her next year. She's set the bar high, always going to be a fun challenge! Good job Jenna - you are and amazing Mama!

Shannon and Noah - Renewal of Vows

I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Shannon and Noah Grassi a couple years back as an associate photographer of Theilen Photography. It was especially touching for both photographers as Shannon's father was not able to attend due to his health. Tuning into the reception via the web, Shannon's father gave a toast that had all guests in tears.

1 year to the date of their wedding I had lost my father-in-law, Keith Sulprizio. Just a few months before the wedding my associate photographer had lost her father. Needless to say, this was a fresh wound that grabbed both our heartstrings and pulled tight. I don't think I'll ever forget the emotions that surrounded that night.

Fast forward two years later. Shannon and Noah had planned a renewal of vows as her father's health had dramatically improved. After receiving a request for photography at the event I couldn't have been more excited to attend. To see something like this come full circle was going to be amazing - a true second chance and the fulfillment of walking his daughter into the wedding ceremony was something I couldn't miss. Oh, and I forgot to mention, he had no idea what was about to happen.

As his car approached the Tahoe home, everything fell into place perfectly. Shannon hiding out and waiting for her Dad was so special to watch. After realizing what was going on, Shannon pinned the boutonniere to his shirt and before he could take another breath they began walking down the pier and towards the ceremony surrounded by close family and friends. Watching the soft smiles cross her Dad's face during the short ceremony was so fulfilling. I loved every moment of the renewal and was so honored that Shannon and Noah trusted me to capture it .... again :) 

Corinne and Anthony - Napa Valley

It didn't take long for me to realize that this wedding was going to be one for the memory bank. After discussing details with Corinne and Anthony I decided to camp the night before the wedding in the middle of their family's vineyard atop a mountain in Napa Valley.  My associate, Calvin Hobson was like minded in the decision to camp out. After all, when's the next time you'll wake up in the middle of a vineyard? We were lucky enough to share the rehearsal dinner with the families and get to know the colorful and eclectic crowd involved in Corinne and Anthony's lives. 

Waking up in the vines was such a great way to start the wedding day off. Coffee and breakfast made off the back of the my truck and we were ready to begin. After Calvin and I photographed everyone getting ready we traveled through Napa Valley to a beautiful church for Corinne and Anthony's ceremony. Returning back to the family estate the party started quickly. I remember stopping in the middle of the dance party, taking a step back and realizing where we were and how lucky I was to have the job I do. Thank you Corinne and Anthony for trusting me with your wedding photography, I truly believe this wedding will be impossible to forget.

Photos by : Nick Higman & Calvin Hobson

Colleen & Nick - Sand Harbor

There is nothing like being on the water at Lake Tahoe in the morning. Something about the mountain air and glare off the water that wakes all the senses. I loved shooting Colleen and Nick's wedding in Sand Harbor just a couple weeks ago. The couple found a small intimate beach nestled in the cove, just perfect for their ceremony. Surrounded only by family, we were able to get close and hear everything that was said. It was unique in that everyone participated in the ceremony instead of quietly watching. During the event, family helped by placing the strands of the knot around Colleen and Nick's hands. After the last strand had been placed, the couple released their clasped hands and pulled the knot together.

Right after, as a symbol of their first challenge as husband and wife, they cut the end of log together. I remember being so happy photographing these two going back and fourth with the saw until the task was complete. You could tell by watching that if anything was put in front of these two, if they worked as a team, they would overcome the challenge. After the log cutting, the ceremony ended and friends began showing up to the beach. With all the friends and family intermingled it was clear what was important in their lives. It was refreshing to watch a refined intimate wedding like this. Enjoy!

Laurel and Kurt's Engagement Shoot

I had a blast shooting Laurel and Kurt's engagement photos.  After chatting about the desired feel of the session and photos, we headed into the mountains. The Sierras seem to always provide a quiet setting for anything, especially an intimate engagement shoot. Laurel and Kurt were naturals in front of the camera, even Ryder had a knack for it.  These two are going to make beautiful babies one day, which I couldn't help joking with them throughout the session !

Congratulations Laurel and Kurt ... and let's not forget Ryder!

Madison and Brian - Nevada City

Madison and Brian were recently married at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City, California. The scenic drive down Highway 49 lead us through colorful foliage and thick forests until we arrived at our destination. Upon arriving in Nevada City, I was already planning my return to this quaint piece of California history. The town’s rustic appearance reminded me of Virginia City, Nevada, its old hotels and modern businesses thriving within decaying buildings. So much history and detail surrounded every turn we made in the city that day. The morning was filled with preparing and decorating spaces, all completed by family and close friends. It was so overwhelmingly apparent from the start that Madison and Brian were magnets for attracting the authentic people they call friends. My associate Sebastian and I had a great time capturing the moments from both parties. All the laughter and wonderful people that filled the day created a memorable event and the perfect way to begin the 2016 wedding season.

Nicole and Hans

Recently, I did an engagement session up at the lake for Nicole and Hans. Although it was cold, we had a blast climbing the rocks and enjoying the afternoon right on the water. These are the types of sessions that are hard to forget being such an adventure all while meeting new friends at the same time.  I took some ideas and inspiration from Nicole and ran with a couple ideas for the session. Hope you enjoy their images.



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